Ptolemy GIS

This digital archaeology website is dedicated to GIS analysis and visualization of historical data from the classical "Geography" by Claudius Ptolemy.

Our paper called A Mathematical Method for Visualizing Ptolemy's India in Modern GIS Tools explains our initial work in this area was presented at the 10th Jubilee Conference + Workshop "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage" in Corfu, Greece during May of 2015.

Our second paper called Enhanced Mathematical Method for Visualizing Ptolemy’s Arabia in Modern GIS Tools was presented at the 11th ICA Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Hertiage" in Riga, Latvia, Apr. 20-22, 2016.

Our latest paper called The Fertile Crescent in Ptolemy’s "Geography": a new digital reconstruction for modern GIS tools was presented at the 12th ICA Conference "Digital Approaches to Cartographic Hertiage" in Venice, Italy, Apr. 26-28, 2017.

We are also making available our source code, and some of our initial KML files.